COVID-19 Update

March 24, 2020

A notice to all of our clients regarding the COVID-19.

We are closely monitoring the CDC and implementing their recommendations to protect our clients and employees.

Rest assured that we are taking all steps necessary and will be here to respond to your needs. Our employees are taking all steps necessary to continue to provide service to you.

The CDC recommends frequent washing of hands, using hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available, cleaning and disinfecting touched surfaces, putting distance between ourselves and others, staying home if sick and avoiding contact with other sick individuals.

By taking measures to protect ourselves and others, and pulling together as a community, we will all have a stronger community.

We have small crews and there is no need to go inside your home during the reroof process. We are following CDC guidelines and are maintaining safe distances and eliminating hand shaking or physical contact. We maintain a staffed office and are easily reachable during the roofing process via telephone or email.

We have been closely monitoring Counties and States which have shut down business activity. Overwhelmingly, construction and roofing have been exempted from the shutdowns, due to the importance of maintaining residences and the infrastructure. Particularly in Florida, with the upcoming hurricane season, it is important to be prepared.

Our suppliers have advised us that there are no shortages or price increases at this time. Therefore, we are continuing our regular operation schedule.

We will continue to monitor supply chains, tile production, and health and safety recommendations from the CDC and our elected officials.

We will notify you as soon as possible concerning and production delays.

If have any questions, please contact us at 941-474-2113.


March 30, 2020—UPDATE

Kirkey Roofing Inc. is aware of Executive Order Number 20-89 issued by the

Governor of Florida on March 30, 2020 (the “Order”). Kirkey Roofing Inc. performs essential services on buildings and residences to customers throughout Florida, including the counties identified in the Order. Under the Order, Kirkey Roofing is permitted to continue operations as a vendor providing essential services to the construction industry.

Please contact our office at (941) 474-2113 if you have any question regarding Kirkey Roofing’s operations in Florida.

Thank you and keep healthy during this challenging time.


Very truly yours,

Kirkey Roofing, Inc.


Covid-19 outbreak prevention, symptoms and recommendations

Tile Roof Repair or Replacement

Tile Roof RepairTile roof repair or replacement that is the question. Unless you are a roofing contractor with years under your belt, for the typical homeowner repairing or replacing a tile roof is sometimes an ambiguous decision. Tile is known for its hardy nature; individual tiles can be replaced or repaired depending on their condition. But when is it too late to apply band-aid fixes, and finally, time to replace the entire tile roof altogether? In today’s deep dive on tile roof repair or replacement, we will explore the signs that point to a repair compared to the signs pointing towards a full replacement. We, at Kirkey Roofing, hope to equip you with the knowledge you need to make the right informed decision for your home.

Tile Roof Repair Conditions

Tile roofs are primarily known for their resilience, but they are not indestructible. Over time the weather and elements may cause chips and breaks among the individual tiles that make up your roof. It’s important not to judge the severity of roof damage by the lack of leaking. Internal, unseen leaks can cause just as much damage as visible leaks. Additionally, your roof functions as a single unit; seemingly isolated weaknesses can still lead to the overall degradation of your roof. Cosmetic damage or small leaks on your tile roof are a sign that you need to call your roofing contractor for a consultation. These conditions indicate a tile roof that needs a little tender loving care. A professional here is vital to ensure your cosmetic damage does not lead to a bludgeoning tile roof repair bill.

Tile Roof Replacement Conditions

Let’s explore some signs where a full tile roof replacement is recommended. Please keep in mind that these are guidelines. Your roof’s condition can best be ascertained by a professional roofer, such as Kirkey Roofing. However, there are some signs your tile roof will give you to let you know that a replacement is in order. A sagging roof is a clear sign that the integrity of your roof is compromised. Call your local roofing company for immediate assistance. Widespread leaks that follow one another after repairs may also indicate a deeper persistent problem with the entire roof. Often, but not always, these issues often arise with tile roofs past their rated lifespan.

Still not sure whether you need your tile roof repaired or replaced? Reach out to the experts in roof service going on now for 69 years for a free no-obligation estimate! Call us at (941) 499-8386 or send us a quick message here.

Re-roofing with Tile

Re-roofing with tile might sound like a significant expense, however, the benefits of tile roofs versus asphalt shingle or metal make tile roofs a wise investment. So what are the benefits that might make it time to install a tile roof? Kirkey Roofing is here with an easy to understand guide on the subtle hints your home might be giving you to make the investment of a tile roof now.

Re-roofing with Tile: Broken Down Roof

Asphalt roofs are usually rated to last 30 to 50years. But Florida’s unforgiving sun, the humidity, and the plants and animals associated with the Florida climate often lead to failing roofs long before their rated lifetime, as early as 15 to 20 years.  Many Florida homeowner’s insurance companies will not insure homes with asphalt shingle roofs that are near 20 years due to the early failures of asphalt shingles.  Asphalt shingles come in either fiberglass or a paper fiber mat; both materials are affordable but not known for their hardiness when it comes to weather. Once the material dries out, you can expect to deal with loose granules, cracks, and leaks. Metal roofs don’t fare any better in our pleasant Sarasota tropical climate. High temperatures cause metal roofs to expand and contract, slowly breaking down the airtight seals that keep water out of your roof structure.

Introducing Tile Roofs

Before deciding on whether to re-roof with tile, first, we want to take a look at what we stand to gain with a tile roof. Tile roofs are rated to last anywhere from 30 to 50 years Why? They perform better than any other common roofing material by decades. They deal with heat and cold well enough to be considered great insulators. There is a reason they are a common sight in Florida. Weather events like hurricanes are no problem for tile roofs. Drawbacks such as their weight have been ameliorated by advancements in tile manufacturing. Re-roofing with tile continues to increase in advantages while disadvantages are increasingly eliminated.

The Costs of Re-roofing with Tile

The majority of homeowners shy away from a tile roof because of the initial cost associated with the installation of a roof. It can be multitudes higher than say asphalt or metal roofs. However, when the longevity of the roof purchase is taken into account, there is no competition. Compared to asphalt, a tile roof can last up to three times as long! When you take into account the beauty of a tile roof, they rise to a different level. Tile roofs naturally stand out and, with advances in design technology, continue to increase in beauty. With all the above taken into consideration, re-roofing with tile is the way to go!

Re-roofing with Tile

Are you ready to re-roof your roof with tile? Reach out to the experts in roof service going on now for 69 years for a free no-obligation estimate on your re-roofing with tile! Call us at (941) 474-2113 or send us a quick message here.


April Showers bring May flowers and……Termites!!!

termite1-300x240As I’m on vacation, in Lake Tahoe, CA, writing this blog and watching a blizzard outside, it seems odd to think about spring in Florida and what it means to you. I guess termites came to mind when I was admiring the wood shake roof on the hotel. I thought about how tempting all those wood shakes must be to termites.

I recalled a conversation I had with Robert Lauser, from Say No To Bugs, Inc., located in Venice, FL. Robert told me that spring and fall are heavy termite swarming seasons in Florida. One thing that might attract termites to your home instead of the neighbor’s is a roof leak. Termites love to eat wood, but they also need water. Moist wood, caused by a roof leak, is a big WELCOME sign to termites.

A lot of times homeowners don’t even realize they have a roof leak because they don’t see evidence of the leak inside their living area. Often when we repair a roof leak, we find evidence of termites or carpenter ants.

Over $5 billion in damage occurs each year due to termites. Literally billions of these creatures infest hundreds of thousands of homes.[1. Source: How do termites affect your home?, Essortment, Sheryl Nantus]

We’ve had an unusually rainy winter in Florida. Heavier spring rains are on the way and then the daily torrential down pours of the summer. Now is the time to have your roof and attic inspected by a professional roofer. Catching your roof leaks and repairing them before spring and termite swarming season can save the day and your wallet.

This spring admire your flowers, and do whatever you can to keep termites from admiring your home!

Florida Hurricane and Rainy Season Around the Corner and now a Gulf Oil Spill…..

FL_Hurricane-300x224Living in Sarasota, Florida is like paradise. Even though our summers are hot and humid, we usually enjoy a beautiful winter of mild temperatures, blue skies, and lush landscaping of blooming flowers and trees.

This past winter was unusually cold and rainy. Due to a stretch of freezing temperatures for about 1 week, we lost a coconut palm and have a Christmas Palm on the brink. We keep talking to him to hang in there.

The roofing industry was also unusually active. Re-roofs tend to be pretty steady throughout the year, however, we had many weeks of high roof repair call volume which is very unusual for the winter months.

Forecasters are predicting a hot and stormy summer in Florida. (I know, I know….forecasts tend to be unreliable, but they did get the prediction of a rainy winter right). A typical rainy season yields 33 to 44 inches of rain and runs from May 20th through October 17th., with the most active hurricane month being September.[1]

I hate to admit that I didn’t pay much attention to the Gulf Oil platform explosion and spill initially. I naively thought that the leak would be stopped quickly. Even though Sarasota, FL isn’t being affected right now, I worry about the upcoming hurricane season and wonder how it will affect this situation. I’m really worried about the Gulf of Mexico and all the surrounding states.

Let’s all say a prayer for the families who lost loved ones, for the many families that are yet to be affected by this disaster, and for the beautiful Gulf of Mexico and the wild life that calls it home. Let’s also say a prayer that the forecasters are wrong and that this hurricane season will be mild.

Watch the linked video for a hurricane wind tunnel test comparing Polyset Foam to Screws for tile roof installations. Kirkey Roofing only uses Polyset foam for tile roof installations.

[1] It’s going to be a hot, stormy summer in South Florida, May 06, 2010, By Ken Kaye, Sun Sentinel

Mold – The Silent Destroyer

kirkeyroofing-roofingcontractor-roofmold-300x300A comment a new client made to Robyn Didelot, our Roofing Specialist, prompted me to write this week’s blog.

After completing a complete tile re-roof, our homeowner told Robyn that she was thrilled with the way her new roof looked, but was surprised that her home actually smelled fresher.

She went on to tell Robyn that when they would return from a trip that their home would smell musty. They attributed this to being closed up for a period of time.

Upon removing the existing roof, there was a large amount of rotten wood that needed to be replaced before the new roofing system was installed. Once the rotten wood was removed and replaced, the home lost the musty smell. Rotten wood, caused by water damage, is actually moldy wood.

In 2005, toxic mold and sick building syndrome were brought to the attention of the American public. Over 6000 articles and news stories focused on the subject that year.
Mold needs moisture to grow, and the moisture caused by roof leaks can result in infectious mold breakouts, which become hard to combat.

In addition to the cost involved in combating mold, many physical illnesses and symptoms have been associated with mold, such as:

Runny nose
Skin rash
Dizziness, fatigue and nausea
Burning eyes, skin, nose, throat and lungs
Pulmonary hemorrhage in infants
Acute or chronic liver damage
Acute or chronic nervous system damage
Lung and liver cancer

Homeowner’s in the market need to do a thorough check of any roofing contractor they choose to install a new roof. Often rotten wood is covered up by shady contractors trying to save money. The likelihood of them getting caught is slim because it will be covered by the new roof. This results in costly repairs for both one’s home and health…

Tile – The Most Versatile Roofing Material

Tile is the most versatile roofing material available and my personal favorite. Tile roofs have been around for hundreds of years. Tile roofs in Europe have lasted generations and tile roofs in the Caribbean have survived hurricanes.
If you want to change the look of your home, tile can provide you many options that give almost instant and dramatic results.
Here are just a few of the options available to you:

  • For a Mediterranean look, choose a beautiful rounded barrel tile
  • For an old world look, choose a boosted Barcelona or cap & pan
  • For a wood shake look, choose a flat shake tile
  • For a slate look, choose a smooth flat tile


A professional roofing company can show you the many options available to you and design a roofing system for your home that increases it’s value and gives your home a facelift.
For more information go to or visit our design center located in Englewood, FL.

Call us at 941-474-2113 or click here to schedule an appointment with our Roofing Specialist to discuss your tile roofing options.

Tile Roof Repair Video

Another Great Video from the Kirkey Roofing Team. Be sure to contact us for all your roofing needs. We service Englewood ,Nokomis ,Osprey ,Sarasota ,Venice, Longboat Key, Siesta Key, Boca Grande, and Bradenton.Contact us today for your tile roof repair needs.

Mold – How Can a Little Water be Hazardous to Your Health?

sick-child21I was watching an episode of the television show Mystery Diagnosis recently.  In this episode a woman suddenly became severely fatigued and ill.  She then developed pneumonia type symptoms.  I was very interested when the cause of her illness was revealed.

Her lungs contained high amounts of toxic mold, including Stachybotrys.  This woman was hospitalized and nearly died from mold!  An investigation in her home revealed that a common wall with her neighbor was covered in this mold due to a water leak.  The spores released into the air from this mold outbreak caused permanent damage to the woman’s lungs.

The family on Mystery Diagnosis had no idea that they had a serious health risk in their home.  Mold spores exist on many building materials, add a little water and it’s the perfect recipe for thriving mold.

Not all molds are this toxic, but an annual inspection of your roof and your home could not only save you money by catching problems early, but it just may preserve your health as well.

Just as this family was unaware of water damage and mold, many of our roofing clients in the Sarasota area are unaware that they have roof problems until the damage to their home is severe.  Many times when a client calls us about a roof leak that just developed, we find many more leaks that they never knew existed.

I have seen too many cases where a client cuts the life of their roof in half because they never had an annual roof inspection and didn’t know the true condition of their home.