20 Point Roof Inspection


Roof InspectionThe best time to call a professional roofer is before a major repair or replacement is needed. Often, many costly and disruptive roof problems can be easily avoided with proper maintenance and a roof inspection. That’s why we recommend an annual rooftop and attic inspection. It is your way of being assured that your roofing system is in top condition, year in and year out. An annual rooftop and attic inspection will also help prevent costly problems down the road and ultimately extend the life of your roofing system.

The true strength of your roof can’t be seen from the street. We’ll look at things from the inside to ensure your safety, and we’ll inspect the 20 most critical components of your roof.

Is Your Roof on Borrowed Time?

The key to minimizing costs is to catch a roof problem early. Your roof could be leaking right now, causing hundreds, even thousands of dollars of damage, and you don’t even know it. In fact, many roof problems are only discovered after they’ve reached an advanced stage – after leakage or other serious damage has already occurred. Roofs can leak for years before you see evidence

Most often, homeowners only pay attention to their roof if there’s water leaking into the house, if they notice brown stains on the ceiling, or if there’s cracked paint or peeling wallpaper – all obvious signs of a leak. But roofs can leak for 2 to 4 years before you see evidence on the inside of the house. By this time, the leak may have caused dry rot, fungus and insulation damage – and the need for major repairs or even a completely new roof.

Extend the Life of Your Roof…

Many roofing contractors do not do roofing repairs, and will insist on a brand new roof. Depending on your budget or the actual problems that your roof may have, you may not need a brand new roof. At Kirkey Roofing, we inspect your roof with our 20 Point Roof Inspection. Our Roofing Specialists are thoroughly trained to find all of the issues associated with repairing or replacing your roof. This helps to keep from covering up a problem, or leading to costly unexpected charges. Ask us how regular inspections and maintenance will extend the life of your roof and save you thousands in the long run.

The cost of a roof inspection is negligible compared to the cost of repairing or replacing a roof. Which makes regular roof inspections a wise investment. Wouldn’t you prefer to find potential leaks and related damage before they become real problems? And before they lead to major repair bills?

No matter what the age of your roof, you may want to consider having one of our Roofing Specialists visit for a 20-Point Roof Inspection.

Call us at (941)474-2113 or click here to set up an appointment for your 20 Point Roof Inspection.

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