Craig Squier


President & Operations Manager, 2005 – Present

Craig Squier

President & Operations Manager, 2005 – Present

Craig Squier is the President of Kirkey Roofing since 2005. In addition to planning and handling the direction of Kirkey Roofing, Craig spends a lot of his day meeting with clients, diagnosing and estimating roof issues, and general problem solving.

Describing what Craig does is difficult, what doesn’t Craig do? He thrives on being on the move, gets his hands into everything and loves spending time with clients.

As Kirkey Roofing has grown, Craig was personally involved in training new employees, making sure that they knew that Kirkey Roofing stands behind our work and will always be fair and honest with clients. Craig’s values are an important reason that Kirkey Roofing is so successful approaching its 70th year in business.

In Craig’s Own Words:

Q: What do you like about working at Kirkey Roofing?
A: I like the friendly atmosphere. Everyone at Kirkey Roofing is really supportive and understanding and our homeowners come from all over the country, as well as Florida. I really enjoy meeting our customers and hearing their stories.

Q: What are your credentials and past experience?
A: I got my degree in Geology, expecting to enter the Oil and Gas industry. I ended up working in the wholesale food industry for many years. I really enjoyed the fast paced environment and meeting face to face with my customers. I also purchased and arranged transportation. That was pretty much a 24/7 on call job. I really enjoyed the challenge, but wanted to use my energy to building a company that was my vision.

Q: What is your background and what values drive you?
A: I grew up in North East Maryland. Growing up in a small town really instilled a sense of community in me. My parents were great role models. Going to a Christian Day School really solidified my Christian values. I try to live up to the values of my teachers and pastors at my school.

Q: What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?
A: I enjoy golfing, hiking, working out, biking, kayaking and watching football. (The Bills) I would love to hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon someday.

Q: Your favorite books?
A: Lost on the Appalachian Trial and Survivorman, and the Bible

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