Josh B.

Sr. Repair Crew Leader

Josh Blanton

Sr. Repair Crew Leader

Josh was born into the roofing business and has roofing in his blood! Josh started doing roof repairs right out of high school. Originally from Colorado, Josh has a lot of experience with emergency repairs due to storms for all types of roofs, including tile, shingle and metal.

Anyone who meets Josh is impressed by his polite manners. Josh’s command of roofing knowledge and the skill to complete repairs efficiently is a calming presence.

In Josh’s Own Words:

Q: What do you do at Kirkey Roofing?
A: I do roof repairs and make sure the customer is satisfied. I am originally from Colorado Springs and have been doing roof repairs since 2013, right out of high school.

Q: What are the values that drive you?
A: Trust and honesty, I always want the customer to feel like they can trust me and it’s always good to be honest.

Q: What is your favorite podcast or book?
A: The Joe Rogan Experience

Q: What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?
A: I enjoy fishing, boating, and camping.

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