April Showers bring May flowers and……Termites!!!

termite1-300x240As I’m on vacation, in Lake Tahoe, CA, writing this blog and watching a blizzard outside, it seems odd to think about spring in Florida and what it means to you. I guess termites came to mind when I was admiring the wood shake roof on the hotel. I thought about how tempting all those wood shakes must be to termites.

I recalled a conversation I had with Robert Lauser, from Say No To Bugs, Inc., located in Venice, FL. Robert told me that spring and fall are heavy termite swarming seasons in Florida. One thing that might attract termites to your home instead of the neighbor’s is a roof leak. Termites love to eat wood, but they also need water. Moist wood, caused by a roof leak, is a big WELCOME sign to termites.

A lot of times homeowners don’t even realize they have a roof leak because they don’t see evidence of the leak inside their living area. Often when we repair a roof leak, we find evidence of termites or carpenter ants.

Over $5 billion in damage occurs each year due to termites. Literally billions of these creatures infest hundreds of thousands of homes.[1. Source: How do termites affect your home?, Essortment, Sheryl Nantus]

We’ve had an unusually rainy winter in Florida. Heavier spring rains are on the way and then the daily torrential down pours of the summer. Now is the time to have your roof and attic inspected by a professional roofer. Catching your roof leaks and repairing them before spring and termite swarming season can save the day and your wallet.

This spring admire your flowers, and do whatever you can to keep these critters from admiring your home!

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