Buyer Beware ….. of Seller!

Buyer BewareBuyer Beware! I wish I was in the market for a home right now.  There are some great deals to be found.  But buyers need to be wary, do their homework, and know what they are buying.  Below I’m going to lay out a few common problems and how you can protect yourself.

🙁  Problem: This home is a great price and the seller remodeled and put on a new roof for me:  The only problem is…the seller is looking out for their best financial interests and not yours.  We have a lot of sellers call for pricing and they always want the cheapest roof they can get.  One seller signed a contract with us last week, and called to cancel about 15 minutes later.  Another ‘roofer’ gave her an estimate in that time which was significantly cheaper.  When we asked her if she checked out the other company, she said that she didn’t care if the roof was lousy, she was selling the house.  We don’t know a qualified roofer that can drive to her home, do a roof estimate and sign a contract in 15 minutes, but there were 3 men knocking on doors in the neighborhood, looking for work.  Do you think that you’ll have a few headaches if you buy that home??

😀 Solution: With the state of the housing market and the economy, many times you will be better off buying a home in which you can then afford to do your own renovations and upgrades.  It’s nice to buy a move in condition home, but what do you know about who did the work on your home?  Were permits even pulled?  Was the work completed by a reputable company?  Follow this link to look up permits in Sarasota County.  (go to the bottom of the page and enter the house number and street)

Contact me at psquier@kirkeyroofing.comif you need information for another county.

After you see who completed  the roof or other work, perform a background check on that company.  See my earlier article with 4 Easy Steps at this link:

4 easy steps to do your own background check

Or go to

🙁 Problem: It’s a great deal and the home inspector said it looks good:  We have been receiving a lot of calls from both prospective buyers and sellers.  The savvy buyer knows that a home inspection is no substitute for a roof inspection by a Roofing Contractor.  We’ve received many calls from sorry buyers, who were told that the roof was ok, only to realize at the first rain that they had a colander over their head instead of a sound roof.  Neglected roofs often reveal structural damage to the home when the roof is removed for replacement.

😀 Solution: Hire a Roofing Contractor to perform a detailed roof and attic inspection.  Roofing Contractors know what problems are common in your type of roof depending on the materials and the age.  Many problems go unnoticed by buyers and even home inspectors.  The roof is the backbone of your home, make sure it’s protecting the home before you buy.

🙁 Problem: The foreclosed home that’s been sitting vacant:  Sarasota, FL is paradise, but humans aren’t the only ones that love the tropical climate.  Mold, termites, carpenter ants and other pests love it as well.

😀 Solution: Make sure that you get a mold inspection and a pest inspection before you buy a property.  Don’t just rely on the inspectors that your realtor recommends, make sure you are hiring a specialist.  It’s worth a little extra money.

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