Can a Handy Man Fix Your Roof?

Often time’s homeowners try to save money by cutting corners on home improvements, and other things around the house and might have a handy man fix your roof. Unfortunately there are some things that should just be done by professional tradesmen. One of those happen to be roof improvements, or anything to do with your roof. You should not have a handyman fix your roof. If there is anything wrong with your roof, call a roofing contractor.

If you have gutters, and they’re full of leaves, twigs, or other debris, if it’s safe to climb up there, for sure, have a handy man clear up the gutter. It’s good for your roof to not have that standing water there.

The same goes for having your roof cleaned. But that should be done by a professional as well. There are professional power washers who know how to soft clean your roof in a way that won’t damage the asphalt shingles or tiles on your roof. This shouldn’t be done by just anyone either.

Can a Handy Man Fix Your Roof

If you’re in need of roof repairs, by all means, never have a handy man fix your roof. This absolutely needs to be done by a professional roofing contractor. Not only can they cause more damage to your roof. But they can also void your warranty. They could be mixing materials, they could be putting something on the roof that is too heavy. A handy man likely isn’t trained as a roofing contractor is, nor are they licensed as a roofing contractor. They probably aren’t insured either. So not only are you potentially voiding your warranty, but you’re potentially causing a homeowners liability as well.

If you have or notice any type of leak or problem with your roof, contact the experts here at Kirkey Roofing to come look at it. There’s a reason why we’re Sarasota and Bradenton’s best roofing contractor, and have been in business for 70 years!

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