Common Reasons to choose a Tile Reroof in Venice and Sarasota Florida

Homeowners in the Venice and Sarasota areas of Florida are well aware of the fact that they could need a tile reroof at some point as a homeowner. Between the age of the roof, potential damage to the roof, and other common roofing problems, it’s bound to happen over time. We’ll help you investigate the three most common reasons to choose a tile reroof in Venice and Sarasota Florida.

choose a tile reroof

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are the most common roofing problem we see in this area. With the weather in our area, roof leaks are a common occurrence. With the sun, rain and potential for wind with hurricanes, roofs are more vulnerable. These are only worsened by poor maintenance, poor installation, or a roof that has exceeded its useful life. This makes a tile reroof a good idea.

Storm Damage

Like mentioned above, the weather in the Sarasota Venice area can be harsh. Between the potential for hurricanes, we also have to deal with some pretty severe thunderstorms during the rainy season with some heavy winds. Top that off with sun exposure, and the salty and humid air, it makes the perfect environment to damage a roof.

Flashing Damage

Many homes in our area have numerous bathrooms, which makes for numerous vents on our roofs. A roofs flashing is what protect the creases between these fixtures. When the flashing gets loose, or ages, it can cause damaging leaks. This can also be caused by improper installation.

Having a tile reroof is the perfect solution to many roofing needs. Between a tile roofs longevity, and its beauty, they add both value and curb appeal to your South Florida home. Tile roofs offer many color options, and give off a Florida feel to your home. With 69 years of roofing experience, Kirkey Roofing provides you with the highest level of customer care and your satisfaction is always guaranteed!

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