Common Roof Problems in Venice

A roof is the first line of defense when talking about rain and wind. It’s what protects us from the harshest of storms, it also protects us from the sun. This is why it is of the utmost of importance to keep our roof working as efficiently as it can, for as long as it should. We shouldn’t overlook common roof problems when they occur. The more quickly they are taken care of, the better off we are.

When you have common roof problems, it is important to get them repaired for both your safety, and to save you money down the road. It’s better to fix a common roof problem than it is to replace the entire roof. Minor damage has the full potential to become a major roofing problem if left unattended, so if you notice a leak, call a roofing professional immediately.

Common roof problems

Common roof problems can include:


Flashing is installed at joints under asphalt shingles. They create a barrier for your roof to prevent water from invading it. When flashing isn’t properly installed, leaks can happen. The tar used to seal flashing can also corrode over time causing leaks as well.

Wind Damage

Wind damage can look several different ways. There could be missing shingles or cracked tiles. There could be tree limbs, branches or other debris left on the roof. Any or all of these things could lead to holes, cracks or leaks in your roof. When left unnoticed, they can be dangerous.

Water Damage

Water damage can have devastating effects on the integrity of your roof. Look for obvious signs of leaks, water stains. But also look for cracks in ceilings or walls, or loose and or missing shingles or tiles.

The most important thing is to not wait if you notice any of these issues above. Call a roofing contractor. After inspecting your roof, be assured that our roofing professionals will know exactly what needs to be done to repair your roof. Some damage could need minor repairs, while other roofing damage could require a complete reroof. We will help you choose the right solution to ensure that you get the most out of your investment.

At Kirkey Roofing we use Flat Rate Guaranteed Pricing for roof repair estimates. You will know the pricing up front and won’t have to worry about additional costs to repair your roof leak. All repairs are guaranteed. You can count on service after the sale if you need it.


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