Common Flat Roof Problems

Flat roof problems are different from shingle and tile roofs and cannot be seen from the ground. Many problems go undetected until it is too late and a leak has formed. Periodic professional roof inspections are even more important to prevent issues and extend the life of the roof.

Flat Roof Problems

problem_flat_01Ponding Water
Ponding water is the main cause of roof deterioration on flat roofs. Water breaks down the membrane and causes leaks. To solve this problem a tapered insulation system can be installed which will shed the water off your roof and as a bonus reduce your energy bills.

problem_flat_021Cracked Membrane/ Alligatoring
These low slope/flat roofs have been coated, probably to try and fix existing leaks. Water, debris and the sun breaks down the coating and roofing membrane providing only a temporary solution.

problem_flat_03Edge Damage
Edge damage is caused by water not draining properly and ponding at the edge. As the roofing membrane deteriorates, leaks occur and cause damage to your home. 

problem_flat_04Roof Tie-In
A common problem area for leaks is where two different roof surfaces meet. The flashing (the metal between the roofs) was not installed properly and caused damage to this home.

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