Common Shingle Roof Problems

services_shingle_01Buckled & Curling Shingles
]This roof suffers from buckled/curling shingles. It happens when shingles get so hot that they literally begin buckling away from your home. Buckled shingles can no longer fully protect your home from water and other weather. In other words, your roof could suffer from leaks that you’ve yet to notice in your home!

services_shingle_02Granule Loss
This roof suffers from granule loss; it often occurs to shingles when they’re older and have begun to wear away due to extreme exposure to weather. When you have granule loss, you can no longer expect your roof to fully protect your home.

services_shingle_03Lack of Ventilation
This roof suffers from a lack of ventilation; vents allow the roof to breathe. They bring air in and out of your attic consistently. If your attic isn’t properly ventilated, it can severely reduce the life expectancy of your roofing materials.

services_shingle_04Missing Shingles
This roof suffers from missing shingles; there are portions throughout the roof where they’re simply not there. Missing shingles often lead to water damaged homes.

services_shingle_05Damaged Flashing
This roof suffers from damaged flashing; the flashing is not properly sealed against the roof. When flashing isn’t sealed tightly, water seeps into your roof.

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