Common Tile Roof Problems

services_tile_01Cracked & Sliding Tiles
Cracked & sliding tiles expose your roof’s underlayment to harmful sun and UV rays which deteriorate your roof’s protective layer. Left unattended, deterioration of your roof’s underlayment begins in as little as 90 days, depending on the material. Deteriorated underlayment allows water to seep through your roofs protective layer and causes damage to your home.

Florida’s high humidity and frequent rain causes corrosion and rust on your roof vents and flashings. Once these become damaged, water is able to find its way between the flashing and roof deck and into your home..

services_tile_03Deteriorated Underlayment
Deteriorated underlayment is caused when a tile breaks, cracks, or slides, exposing the watertight layer of your roof to the elements. Left unattended the underlayment will crack and allow water to cause damage to your roof deck and home.[/intro]

services_tile_04Soffit & Roof Edge Damage
Soffit and roof edge damage is caused by water damning behind the mortar or eave closure at the first row of tile at your roof’s edge. Often this occurs because water does not properly drain at the edge of the roof due to poor installation. Trapped water rots the underlayment, roof deck, and supportive structure of the roof. Signs of rust on your soffit may be a sign that your roof is damaged around the perimeter. Left unattended, damage spreads quickly and may require substantial repairs or cause early roof failure. Regular inspections of soffit areas by a trained professional are necessary, due to the fact that water damage does not show up inside your home.

services_tile_05Valley Failure
Valley failure is caused by exposure to the elements. The age of your roof and the type of materials used in the valleys contribute to failure. Valley failures can cause serious damage to your home due to the large amount of water that travels through the valley.


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