Conversation With a Shoddy Contractors

Shoddy ContractorsLet’s face it.  Shoddy roofing contractors never tell you the truth.  If they did, the conversation would go something like this….

“Hello, Mrs. Smith, I’m Bob Liar from Shoddy Roofing Inc.  We don’t have General Liability insurance, so if we damage your property during the roofing process or forget to protect you from a sudden rain, the costs of the damage will be on you.”

“We also don’t carry Worker’s Compensation on all of our employees.  Sure I can show you a Worker’s Comp certificate for my company, but it only covers the office staff.  All of my roofer’s are sub-contractors and have worker’s comp exemptions.  That means that if one of them gets injured on your property, they’ll probably end up suing you for their medical expenses and lost wages.  Let’s hope they don’t get a back injury which is pretty much a guaranteed lifetime disability.”

“We don’t get a permit unless you are on a major thoroughfare.  They’re just too expensive and those pesky inspectors will fail us for the shortcuts we take to avoid the costly expense of installing our roofs to the building code.”

“Don’t worry about if we pay our bills or not.  We don’t worry about it.  We just jump from supplier to supplier.  When one cuts us off, there is always another looking for our business.  Right now we are buying all of our materials from Tampa instead of Sarasota, so your job may take a little longer to complete.  We don’t worry about paying our bills, because we know that the material suppliers and sub-contractors will just come after you for the payments anyway.  Right now four of our previous customers are in foreclosure because they just don’t have the money to pay the suppliers after they gave us all their money.”

“Sure we went out of business a few years ago, but Florida is so nice, they let us start up again under a slightly different name.  We really never stopped working.  We just had our customers make the checks out to our owner.  The Better Business Bureau still gives us an A rating because they don’t know about that little problem.”

“We’re so cheap, a lot  less than the reputable roofers in town.  We can do this because we use poor materials, take shortcuts, and we really don’t care if your roof lasts without problems.  We only have a P.O. Box and cell phone, so if you have a problem down the road, we’ll probably be at a different P.O. Box anyway.  We can also be so cheap because we pay our guys with cash.  That way we avoid payroll taxes and income taxes.  I guess if I’m willing to put one over on Uncle Sam, I have no reason not to put one over on you too.”

Now a word from Kirkey Roofing……Luckily, as a homeowner, you have a choice and information readily available to you.  Stay tuned for my next blog with tips on how you can really check out who you’re trusting with your home, your finances, and your peace of mind.

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