COVID-19 Update

March 24, 2020

A notice to all of our clients regarding the COVID-19.

We are closely monitoring the CDC and implementing their recommendations to protect our clients and employees.

Rest assured that we are taking all steps necessary and will be here to respond to your needs. Our employees are taking all steps necessary to continue to provide service to you.

The CDC recommends frequent washing of hands, using hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available, cleaning and disinfecting touched surfaces, putting distance between ourselves and others, staying home if sick and avoiding contact with other sick individuals.

By taking measures to protect ourselves and others, and pulling together as a community, we will all have a stronger community.

We have small crews and there is no need to go inside your home during the reroof process. We are following CDC guidelines and are maintaining safe distances and eliminating hand shaking or physical contact. We maintain a staffed office and are easily reachable during the roofing process via telephone or email.

We have been closely monitoring Counties and States which have shut down business activity. Overwhelmingly, construction and roofing have been exempted from the shutdowns, due to the importance of maintaining residences and the infrastructure. Particularly in Florida, with the upcoming hurricane season, it is important to be prepared.

Our suppliers have advised us that there are no shortages or price increases at this time. Therefore, we are continuing our regular operation schedule.

We will continue to monitor supply chains, tile production, and health and safety recommendations from the CDC and our elected officials.

We will notify you as soon as possible concerning and production delays.

If have any questions, please contact us at 941-474-2113.


March 30, 2020—COVID-19 UPDATE

Kirkey Roofing Inc. is aware of Executive Order Number 20-89 issued by the

Governor of Florida on March 30, 2020 (the “Order”). Kirkey Roofing Inc. performs essential services on buildings and residences to customers throughout Florida, including the counties identified in the Order. Under the Order, Kirkey Roofing is permitted to continue operations as a vendor providing essential services to the construction industry.

Please contact our office at (941) 474-2113 if you have any question regarding Kirkey Roofing’s operations in Florida.

Thank you and keep healthy during this challenging time.

Very truly yours,

Kirkey Roofing, Inc.

Covid-19 outbreak prevention, symptoms and recommendations

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