Do You Have a 2nd Roof Like Governor Rick Scott?

2nd RoofI’ve seen a few news articles blasting Governor Rick Scott of Florida for admitting that he has a 2nd roof in storage just in case a hurricane destroys the roof of his home.  I’m sure his comments were meant to bring attention to hurricane season which started on June 1st and the need for Florida residents to be prepared.

Most of us can’t really relate to being able to afford a 2nd roof, just in case.  Luckily we don’t have to.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina accounted for over $125 billion in damages.  A study of roof damage after Katrina, found the vast majority of modern roofing systems with extensive fastening systems survived with little or no damage.1  This is great news for you and me.  We don’t have to have a roof and a spare, just in case.  We can protect our homes with one modern roof.

Building codes in Florida have greatly improved since Hurricane Andrew in 1992.  Modern materials and roofing systems are thoroughly tested.   When you interview roofing contractors, make sure that they will be using roofing systems and products approved by Miami Dade County.  Not all roofing products on the market have Miami Dade approval.  Remember, your roof is only as good as the weakest link.  Make sure all products are tested and approved.

Insurance companies in Florida have figured out that modern roofing systems protect a home and many offer discounts for roofs that are installed to the current building codes.  Many insurers are also requiring homeowners to update their roofs or dropping coverage.

Sarasota has been fortunate in recent years.  We have escaped the wrath of Mother Nature.  Modern tile roof, shingle roof, flat roof and metal roof systems are all better designed to withstand the extreme winds of a hurricane.  Updating your roof and receiving insurance discounts sure beats buying and storing a 2nd roof……just in case.

1. Katrina causes $25 billion in damage to Gulf Coast, RIS, 9/27/05

For more information about hurricane rated roof systems, email  or call (941) 474-2113.

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