Flat Roofing Benefits in Florida

Flat Roofing often gets a good amount of bad press, specifically due to the amount of rain we get here in Florida. But there are flat roofing benefits in Florida that you should know about. Especially with the development of 2-ply self-adhering Modified Bitumen products, flat roofing has entered a new era.

Flat Roofing Benefits

Some Flat Roofing Benefits include:

Lower Cost

Flat roofs are less expensive than their typical pitched roof counterparts because there is less roof to cover. This saves on both labor and material expenses.

Maintenance costs are lower as well, because it is much easier to get onto and walk around a flat roof than it is on a pitched roof.

Adds Value

There is an added cosmetic value to a flat roof, they are aesthetically pleasing. They are being used more on modern mid-century homes.


Flat roofs are very efficient. They are easy to maintain, and are a cost effective option for many homeowners.

Extra Space

Having a flat roof can provide extra space many homeowners or businesses didn’t have before. There can be space for air conditioners, the installation of solar panels, open air green spaces, or even meeting places for businesses. Of course this depends on the size of the roof, but there are many possibilities with flat roofs that traditional pitched roofs couldn’t offer.


Although we’re not saying a pitched roof isn’t durable, a flat roof is more durable than many people think, especially with the modern advances we have available to us today. When you hire a professional roofing contractor with experience in low slope roofing systems, they last a very long time.

Kirkey Roofing has experience and knowledge with flat roofing systems. Kirkey Roofing also specializes in ISO Tapered Insulation Systems. Not only does the insulation result in energy savings, the tapered panels provide much needed drainage to eliminate many problems inherent with this type of roof. Contact us to learn more, and discuss your upcoming roofing project in Venice and surrounding areas.


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