Flat Roofing



Flat Roofing

Florida homes receive an immense amount of rain, much in the form of torrential downpours. Flat roofing is particularly susceptible to problems due to poor drainage and obsolete roofing systems. Flat roofing problems include issues such as ponding water, cracked membrane known as alligatoring, edge damage, and issues with roof tie-in where the flashing may not have been installed properly. 

With the development of 2-ply self-adhering Modified Bitumen products, flat roofing has entered a new era. The 2-ply self-adhering system meets the recommendation of insurance companies for what is called a secondary water barrier. You have 2 layers of protection for your home and may qualify for homeowner’s insurance discounts.

You have many color options when choosing a low slope roof system. White is the most reflective and will offer additional energy savings.

Kirkey Options


Kirkey Roofing specializes in ISO Tapered Insulation Systems. Not only does the insulation result in energy savings, the Tapered panels provide much needed drainage to eliminate many problems inherent with this type of roof.

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