Florida Hurricane and Rainy Season Around the Corner and now a Gulf Oil Spill…..

FL_Hurricane-300x224Living in Sarasota, Florida is like paradise. Even though our summers are hot and humid, we usually enjoy a beautiful winter of mild temperatures, blue skies, and lush landscaping of blooming flowers and trees.

This past winter was unusually cold and rainy. Due to a stretch of freezing temperatures for about 1 week, we lost a coconut palm and have a Christmas Palm on the brink. We keep talking to him to hang in there.

The roofing industry was also unusually active. Re-roofs tend to be pretty steady throughout the year, however, we had many weeks of high roof repair call volume which is very unusual for the winter months.

Forecasters are predicting a hot and stormy summer in Florida. (I know, I know….forecasts tend to be unreliable, but they did get the prediction of a rainy winter right). A typical rainy season yields 33 to 44 inches of rain and runs from May 20th through October 17th., with the most active hurricane month being September.[1]

I hate to admit that I didn’t pay much attention to the Gulf Oil platform explosion and spill initially. I naively thought that the leak would be stopped quickly. Even though Sarasota, FL isn’t being affected right now, I worry about the upcoming hurricane season and wonder how it will affect this situation. I’m really worried about the Gulf of Mexico and all the surrounding states.

Let’s all say a prayer for the families who lost loved ones, for the many families that are yet to be affected by this disaster, and for the beautiful Gulf of Mexico and the wild life that calls it home. Let’s also say a prayer that the forecasters are wrong and that this hurricane season will be mild.

Watch the linked video for a hurricane wind tunnel test comparing Polyset Foam to Screws for tile roof installations. Kirkey Roofing only uses Polyset foam for tile roof installations.

[1] It’s going to be a hot, stormy summer in South Florida, May 06, 2010, By Ken Kaye, Sun Sentinel

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