Molds – How Can a Little Water be Hazardous to Your Health?

MoldsIt’s important to keep in mind that not all molds are dangerous.

I was watching an episode of the television show Mystery Diagnosis recently.  In this episode a woman suddenly became severely fatigued and ill.  She then developed pneumonia type symptoms.  I was very interested when the cause of her illness was revealed.

Her lungs contained high amounts of toxic mold, including Stachybotrys.  This woman was hospitalized and nearly died from mold!  An investigation in her home revealed that a common wall with her neighbor was covered in this mold due to a water leak.  The spores released into the air from this mold outbreak caused permanent damage to the woman’s lungs.

The family on Mystery Diagnosis had no idea that they had a serious health risk in their home.  Mold spores exist on many building materials, add a little water and it’s the perfect recipe for thriving mold.

Not all molds are this toxic, but an annual inspection of your roof and your home could not only save you money by catching problems early, but it just may preserve your health as well. Toxic molds are a serious health concern.

Just as this family was unaware of water damage and mold, many of our roofing clients in the Sarasota area are unaware that they have roof problems until the damage to their home is severe.  Many times when a client calls us about a roof leak that just developed, we find many more leaks that they never knew existed.

I have seen too many cases where a client cuts the life of their roof in half because they never had an annual roof inspection and didn’t know the true condition of their home.

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