Bird Houses: How to Make a Bird Happy

bird housesUnique bird houses catch our fancy! Here’s a great idea for all of you fellow bird watchers and nature lovers.

A Dutch designer named Klaas Kuiken has developed a great idea, bird houses built right into roof tiles.  With roofing systems designed today to keep birds, bats and other animals out from underneath the tiles,  Klaas gives the birds a home by building the birdhouse on the roof tiles that blend right in with the roof.

Unforntunately, the bird houses aren’t in production right now, but maybe if demand for them increases, they will become a reality.   Of course in Sarasota, FL, we need to worry about hurricane force winds.  Hopefully Klaas will develop and bird house that can sustain the high winds and receive Florida Building Code approval.

You may also want to consider this only if you have a white tile roof, if you know what I mean.


Click the link below to see a picture of the cute birdhouses.

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