How to Prepare for Roof Repairs or Installation

Do you have some roof repairs or a new roof installation coming up soon? If so, see below to see how to prepare for roof repairs or installation. These tips will help to make the whole process easier for both you the homeowner, as well as the roofing contractors.

Roof Repairs or Installation
  • Not all Florida homes have an attic, but if you do, either remove, or cover any valuable items that are in the attic. You should do this any time there is construction going on in your home.
  • If you have anything that is valuable or fragile hanging on the walls, it’s best that you take it off the walls while the roof repairs are going on. There could be vibrations from hammers that could travel through the walls of your home.
  • If you have outdoor sprinklers set to a schedule, turn them off during the hours that the roofers will be working on your home.
  • Don’t park any vehicles in your driveway. This helps to ensure that the vehicles aren’t damaged. Although our roofers cover everything to help to eliminate that anyway. But it also gives our roofers plenty of room around the house to be able to work efficiently. As well as giving you room to come and go as you please.
  • Move anything you have outside away from the house. This includes furniture, bikes, plants, or anything else that might be alongside of the house. Our roofers are throwing shingles off of the roof.
  • Make arrangements for children and pets. Don’t have them outside playing or out in the yard while roofers are present. We wouldn’t want them out and about while there could be debris falling from the roof. The noise can also scare small children and pets.

This can be a major renovation, but when you’re working with a roofing contractor like Kirkey Roofing who has 70 years of experience in the Sarasota, Venice, Nokomis, Osprey, Lakewood Ranch, and Bradenton areas, you’re in good hands!

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