Ready or Not, Hurricane Season is Here

Many of us on Florida’s west coast experienced a taste of Hurricane Season this past weekend. It’s here, whether we’re ready or not. But we should be ready. We just had a tax free holiday to buy supplies we needed to prepare for it too. Hopefully everyone is stocked up on batteries, tarps, and other supplies that are needed. But our roofs are important too. Everyone wants to move here due to the weather, but times like this it’s important to stay vigilant, and prepare for the unexpected.

Hurricane Season is here

When it comes to your roof and hurricane season, it’s important to perform regular inspections during the year, to make sure your roof is in shape, and in good working condition. Should we have a hurricane, there are no unexpected surprises.

Preventative maintenance is of utmost importance when dealing with hurricanes. Your roofing contractor should be able to help by inspecting your roof to ensure it is ready to go through the season, or be hired to do any corrective action.

These are some items to check off your list to prepare for hurricane season:

  • Visually inspect the roof.
  • Secure any loose cables, wires on the roof.
  • Clear roof drains, gutters, and down spouts of any debris.
  • Prune all tree branches that hang over the roof.
  • Check for loose or missing flashing.
  • Get a hose and run water on the roof to check that the drains flow properly.
  • Be sure that the gutters are securely fastened.
  • Look for loose, curled or missing shingles or roof tiles.
  • Check your attic or underside of the roof deck. Look for signs of leaks or deterioration. Look for points of light coming through the roof. If you do see light then there are gaps that will allow wind and water to enter, and this will damage the roof.

Contact Kirkey Roofing for a roof inspection if you haven’t had one done. The best time to have a roof inspected is before there is a problem.

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