Is Your Roof Properly Ventilated?

We make sure that our air conditioners are running properly to keep us cool during the summer months, and even the warmer spring months. But have we ever thought about our attic or crawl spaces up by our roof? It’s actually important to be sure that the roof is properly ventilated. This is an essential part to keeping our homes energy efficient.

Roof Properly Ventilated

What Makes a Roof Properly Ventilated?

Just like we breathe, our roofs need to breathe. Think of all that hot air being trapped in the tops of our homes. There needs to be some type of exhaust system in place for the air to be able to be exchanged out. This is where ventilation comes into play. Here are some of the ways it helps you, the home owner.

Money Saving

When your roof is properly ventilated, it can help to save you money. Because all that hot air isn’t trapped inside, making your air conditioner work harder.

Keeps a More Even Temperature in Your Home

Without roof ventilation, your attic is a storage container for hot air. When it is properly ventilated, your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard because the air is being circulated more efficiently throughout the house.

Make Your Roof Last Longer

Proper roof ventilation can help to extend the life of your roof! Yes, that’s right. Your shingles can actually cook from the inside out if the roof isn’t properly ventilated. Meaning they’ll wear out more quickly, causing quicker deterioration, and needing faster replacement. Roof ventilation can help to ensure that your roof will last for its proper lifespan.

When Kirkey Roofing installs a roof in Sarasota, Venice, or any area that we serve, you can rest easy knowing that your roof is properly constructed, and that the proper vents and seals are in place to give you and your home the protection it needs. This includes details such as vents, to be sure we are installing a roof that is efficient and lasts. Contact us to discuss your upcoming roofing project!

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