It’s Important to Remove Mold on Your Roof

It’s summer time here in Venice and Sarasota areas of Florida. With summer comes rain and high humidity in these areas. This makes for perfect conditions for mold and algae growth on our roof tops. If you don’t remove mold on your roof, over time it can become a dangerous situation.

Mold on Your Roof

Mold results from algae growth due to damp, moist conditions. Typical South Florida weather during the summer months. When they take over your roof, it keeps the roof damp, which promotes rot, and once that sets in, so does mold. Even when it isn’t raining, it’s humid, so the mold will grow. And if your house has shade from trees, or a north facing roof, it creates the perfect condition for growth. See why you should remove mold on your roof.

Curb Appeal

Your homes roof is seen from a distance. And if you have ever seen a house with a roof with black streaks on it, it doesn’t look pretty. It makes the home look neglected.

Hard to Remove

Mold is a fungus. The more it grows, the more difficult it is to contain and remove. The quicker it’s dealt with the better off you’ll be.


Mold creates a habitat for rodents such as mice and squirrels which can then invade your home due to the weakening structure.


Once a mold situation has taken hold of your roof, it could become necessary for a roof replacement. The roof could be in such disrepair that it is just unstable and unsafe. It’s important to have your roof inspected on a regular basis, and have it removed as soon as it’s noticed.

It’s important to remove roof mold before it becomes a bigger problem and you could need a whole roof replacement. Contact Kirkey Roofing today at (941)499-8317 or click here to set up an appointment for your 20 Point Roof Inspection.


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