You Can Refinance Your Reroof Project

Wouldn’t it be nice if your roof lasted forever? Most things in our homes have a useful life, the roof on top of our head included. This is why it’s important to think about different ways to refinance your reroof project. It doesn’t matter what your roof is made out of, whether it is a shingle roof, a tile roof, or even a metal roof. At some point, you will need to have a reroof project on your home.

Reroof Project

Sadly, many homeowners put it off thinking they can’t afford it. The longer you hold off on reroofing your home, the more costly the reroofing project could end up costing when it does happen. The good thing is that there are a few different ways to pay for your reroofing project in Sarasota, Venice, Nokomis, Osprey, Lakewood Ranch, or Bradenton.

FHA 203k loans are available to people who qualify for them, and luckily a roof is included in the list of repairs while many other types of home repairs aren’t included. It’s worth looking into a reroof with a FHA 203k loan. Find an approved lender in your Sarasota area city and you’re good to go!

Check out your homeowners or property insurance policy. It’s important to read through it, you might be surprised to see what is hidden in the fine print. If we have a named storm hit Florida, and your roof has damage, you could be eligible for some replacement or coverage through your insurance policy. Contact Kirkey for an inspection to be sure what that situation is with your roof first.

There are also plenty of home improvement financing programs available in the South Florida area as well. With some financing options, there are no down payments necessary, making your dream of a reroof possible!

There are options, so if you are in need of a reroof project, Kirkey Roofing understands, and is here to help you get started on your project. Contact us to learn more.



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