Roof Cleaning

Roof CleaningRoof cleaning is vital to the longevity of your roof. Your roof only costs about 10% of your home’s value, but over the life of your home, will account for as much as 90% of repair and maintenance costs. To make matters worse, improper care and maintenance can cut the life of your roof in 1/2.

That is why it is so important for you to care for your roof to extend the life to save you money in the long run. Annual roof inspections and regular maintenance help you find problems early, lowering repair costs, extending your roof’s life and resulting in lower costs overall. Cleaning your roof is also important for extending your roof’s life and keeping it looking its best.  High pressure power washing and chlorine can damage your roof tiles & shingles, damage landscaping, and void manufacturer’s warranties. Inexperienced cleaners damage tiles from walking on them and create a hazard and a liability risk from walking on your roof when it is wet.   A wet tile roof is like walking on a wet sliding board and dangerous.

Make sure that the company you choose to clean your roof has the proper Worker’s Compensation insurance to do roof work.  Worker’s Compensation insurance for any roofing work is expensive.  Many Handy Men or Power Washer’s may have a certificate of insurance, but they are not covered for accidents that happen on the roof.  Do your homework and protect yourself.  An accident on your property could become your financial responsibility. Some cleaners even use damaging equipment.  A broken or cracked tile is a potential roof leak and needs to be repaired quickly to prevent further damage to your roof’s protective water barrier, the underlayment.

At Kirkey Roofing we make the following recommendations to effectively and safely clean your roof:

  • Use an environmentally friendly roof cleaning chemical recommended by major material manufacturers.  These products will not damage your roof tiles or shingles, the underlayment, or your landscaping.
  • Only use a low pressure garden hose.  High power pressure washers can pit the surface or your tile, requiring you to clean your roof more frequently, or blast the protective granules off your shingles.
  • Use an environmentally safe product that will kill the Algae & Moss.  Pressure washing can just blow algae and moss under your tiles and facilitate rapid regrowth and require more frequent cleanings.

A good cleaning method will require fewer cleanings, costing you less money and limit the potential damage to roof by poor methods and inexperienced cleaners. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding this topic or have a question or suggestion for a future topic.

Kirkey Roofing Provides roof cleaning for sarasota bradenton, englewood, lakewood ranch, as well as all areas within 30 miles of englewood florida. 941-474-2113

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