Roof Inspection When Buying an Existing House

When buying an existing house especially an older house, getting a home inspections is important. Uncovering existing issues can help you with negotiating repairs or a better price. One of the most expensive repairs is the roof. A roof inspection when buying an existing house is a must.

Roof Condition

Roofs can last 30 years or more with good quality shingles and tiles and proper installation. Make sure you ask the seller the age of the roof. Look for any type of visible damage such as water marks on ceilings, dry rot, missing shingles, cracked tiles, etc. If you, a novice, can see issues, the roof probably has issues and needs a roof inspection.

Home Inspector

Home inspectors are certified, licensed professionals trained to detect issues with every aspect of your property. These inspectors generally come from other professions such as plumber, electrician, builder, and even roofer. They can be very helpful in determining the condition and life of the existing roof. If it needs replacement, you may want to negotiate it in the deal.

Professional Roof Inspection

While Home Inspectors are invaluable to homebuyers, they are not necessarily roofing experts unless that was their previous career. If there is any question about the roof condition, you may want to have a professional roofing company perform a roof inspection. Even if you aren’t using it in negotiations, you need to know so you can address any issues if and when you purchase the property. Any delays could lead to more damage and additional cost.

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