Roof Maintenance

house07-150x150At Kirkey Roofing, the Englewood roofing contractor, we believe very strongly in roof maintenance. We have seen how proper maintenance can dramatically extend the life of your roof.

Studies have shown that improper roof maintenance can cut the life of your roof in half.


  • Problems if maintenance is not regularly performed
    With regular maintenance a homeowner can decrease the chances of developing leaks inside their homes.Click here to see examples of common roof problems that, if caught early, would not have caused extensive interior damage.Some homeowners do not have the time or ability to properly maintain their roof themselves, so we started a maintenance program called the Club Roof. Click here to find out more about our Club Roof !
  • Maybe it’s not a roof leak
    Sometimes you think you have a roof leak when in fact the roof is fine. Attic condensation is a prime example. High humidity can cause condensation and “rain” to fall in your attic. It can also make the underside of the roof sheathing look wet. Stucco on chimneys and walls crack which causes water to intrude down interior walls which can look like a roof leak. Siding can be missing above a roof.
  • Let us do your detective work
    Roof leaks are a nuisance for many homeowners and are sometimes difficult to diagnose. Water travels on a roof differently than you may think so a leak may actually be traveling horizontally across roof boards and are 8-10′ sideways from where you see the spot in your attic or on your ceiling. With our experience we will not be satisfied until we find and stop your leaks. Why waste your time and money (and your safety) when Kirkey Roofing’s experienced Roofing Technicians can do it for you. Not only will our Roofing Technicians check the area where you have seen evidence of a leak but call for our 20 Point Inspection and we will check your entire roof to make sure there aren’t more problems waiting to happen.

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