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Roof repairs are a vital part of extending the life of your roof. Your roof is the backbone of your home and your home’s first line of defense against water intrusion, mold, animals and insects.

roof-repairs-300x225At Kirkey Roofing, the Florida Sarasota roofing company, we recommend prompt attention to roof leaks to minimize costs and extend the life of your roof. Regular, routine maintenance and inspections help to detect roof leaks early so you can have your roof repaired. Sarasota, Florida is home to a tropical climate. We get large amounts of rain and torrential downpours for about 6 months of the year. Intense summer heat and the year round requirement for air conditioning can cause extreme heat situations in your attic and cause premature deterioration of your roof’s underlayment.

The underlayment is the most important line of defense against water intrusion caused by a roof leak.

sarasota-roof-repairs-300x225Kirkey Roofing never cuts corners when repairing a roof. We repair any rotting wood in the area of the roof leak and replace it with new plywood. Termites, carpenter ants and other animals are attracted to rotting wood.

They know that rotting wood gives them easy access to your home. We replace the deteriorated underlayment with new underlayment with a 30 year warranty.

After we replace the wood and underlayment, we re-install the tiles or shingles so well that you won’t even know we were there.

At Kirkey Roofing we use Flat Rate Guaranteed Pricing for roof repair estimates. You will know the pricing up front and won’t have to worry about additional costs to repair your roof leak. All repairs are guaranteed. You can count on service after the sale if you need it.

All of our roof technicians are criminal background checked, drug tested and covered by our Worker’s Compensation insurance for your protection and peace of mind.

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