At Kirkey Roofing we take the safety of our roof technicians (employees) and customers very seriously. Below are some of the safety measures we follow that set us apart from many other roofing companies..

  • Our roof technicians use eye protection during all phases of your reroofing or repair project
  • Roof technicians on the ground, during the reroof process wear hard hats to protect them against falling debris
  • Our roof technicians use safety lines as required by OSHA to protect against serious injury in the event of a fall
  • We randomly drug test our roof technicians to ensure they are not impaired and can give their complete focus to your roofing project
  • We purchase special shoes for our roof technicians which provide patented traction grip technology (anti-slip) which provides them with another level of safety and comfort.
  • We conduct safety meetings weekly to ensure our roof technicians understand the importance and requirements of the safety equipment and knowledge provided to them.
  • We choose to allow our technicians to take rest and water breaks when they feel they need them to ensure they do not suffer from heat stroke or exhaustion. Studies have shown that without adequate time off the roof workers can lose focus and become dizzy increasing the risk of injury from a fall.
  • We use gloves to avoid hand injury while working with shovels, materials, etc.
  • Our office staff is constantly watching the current weather radar in order to protect our technicians from harm and our customers homes from damage.
  • We always have a Job Superintendent on site who ensures proper safety policies and procedures are being followed.

For the health, well being and security of our workers and customers we are fully insured, should an accident occur.

Call us at (941) 474-2113 or click here to schedule an appointment to have one of our Roofing Specialist’s come to your home.

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