What to Expect in Your Sarasota Reroofing Project

Now that you’ve decided it’s time to reroof your home, you must be wondering what to expect in your Sarasota reroofing project. Many homeowners have never gone through the process of getting a new roof installed in their home before. This is what you can expect to encounter during a reroofing project.

Sarasota Reroofing Project

When Kirkey Roofing begins a reroofing project, we want to ensure that we protect your home. We do this by using tarps. The tarps protect your siding from scratches or damage, they also protect any landscaping or foliage around your home. We also don’t want any moisture to enter the home while it’s being exposed.

The next step in the process of a reroofing project would be to remove the existing shingles. Doing this allows the roofing contractors to inspect the integrity of the existing roof. If the shingles weren’t removed, we would have no idea if the roof were rotting and was in need of replacement.

After the shingles are removed the wood is inspected. If any wood is rotted, those areas can be replaced. The whole roof doesn’t need to be replaced, only the specific areas. It is important to be sure that the roof is in great condition, for the shingles to be laid properly, and stay intact for years to come.

We also check to be sure the wood is laid properly, secured to the rafters, and that all nails are in place. If they aren’t, the shingles will look bumpy soon after they are installed.

Then we lay the underlayment. We will work with you to choose an underlayment that works best for you. Different types of underlayments are also available to provide superior protection against storm damage.

Next comes the asphalt shingle or tile roofing, whatever you have chosen for your reroofing project. At this time we also replace any other pieces of the roof that may need repair, such as the ridge vents and counter flashing.

Finally comes the roof inspection, we want to be sure that your roof is of the highest quality. We pride ourselves in maintaining crews of highly skilled, trained, and certified installers who have pride in their workmanship and the integrity to make sure they do the job right the first time.

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