Save $$ Now on Energy and Insurance Costs

Insurance CostsIf you or someone you know is in the market for a new roof, there are many benefits to having your home re-roofed now such reduced energy and insurance costs.

  1. You can start saving immediately on Homeowner’s Insurance.  Many insurer’s offer discounts on insurance costs such as for:
  • Secondary Water Barrier
  • Roof Deck Nailing to current code
  • Roof covering to 2001 Building codes
  • I personally saved over $900 per year by submitting a wind mitigation form to receive insurance discounts on my policy.
  1. New wind maps are going into effect Jan 1, 2012.  The Sarasota region will be increasing from 130 mph to 150 mph.  I’m sure building codes will follow.  In 2005, Hurricane Katrina accounted for over $125 billion in damages.  A study of roof damage after Katrina, found the vast majority of modern roofing systems with extensive fastening systems survived with little or no damage.
  2. Price pressures are making upward price adjustments necessary – Roofing materials increase or decrease with the volatile oil market. New regulations from Washington, including, but not limited to the Health Bill and OSHA, will increase business cost.  Prices can only go lower with major economic turmoil, and let’s not hope for that.
  3. Buy now / Pay later – Low monthly installments and 12 months deferred interest are available
  4. New Roof systems are more energy efficient and many tax incentives and rebates are still available this year.  You can start saving on your energy and insurance costs immediately.

There are several types of roofing systems, and various Energy Efficiency benefits of each system.  I’ll go over the benefits of some of the roof systems Kirkey Roofing installs.

First, a really quick and easy lesson on Energy Efficiency:

  1. R-Value is basically the insulating value of a material
  2. Solar Reflectivity is the ability of a material to reflect or absorb heat.  Would you rather wear a black shirt that absorbs heat in the middle of summer or a white shirt that reflects heat?

Shingle Roofs:

  • Energy Efficient shingle colors are available and qualify for Federal Tax credits of up to $500
  • Darker color shingles that meet the Energy Star requirements for the tax credit are available as special order, price will add about 25% to cost of roof

Tile Roofs:

  • Cement tile roofs are among the most energy efficient roofs available
  • If you lived up North, you know that the best way to stay warm in the winter is to wear layers.  Layers work so well because of the small air pockets between the layers, kind of like double pane glass windows.  Cement tile is so energy efficient because you create a layer of air from 1-1/2 to 5 inches high which creates a layer of insulation between the harshFloridasun and your roof deck.
  • We use a foam adhesive for our tile roof installations.  Homeowners can build up to an additional R-5 by using the foam adhesive.
  • We had a homeowner install a terra cotta colored tile roof with foam adhesive  and he was thrilled because he saved an average of $50 per month after his new roof was installed.   That’s about $600 per year, or $6,000 over the first 10 years.  It’s a nice benefit when your roof pays for itself!
  • Oakridge National Laboratory did a study by building 4 identical homes with different roof systems.  The study found that a typical 2100 sf house with a tile roof and foam adhesive saved an average of $830 / year over the shingle roof.  Homeowners need to consider all of the costs when going from a tile roof to a shingle roof to save a few thousand dollars up front.
  • FPL Rebate of $325 is available for white tile

Metal Roofs:

  •  Metal Roof’s can qualify for up to $500 in Federal Tax Credits
  • You would be surprised that many darker colors qualify for the Energy Star Federal Tax Credits
  • For additional energy savings, we’re installing a Metal system that uses a foil insulation layer between the underlayment and the metal material.
  • This foil system saves energy by building an air pocket between the metal and the roof deck and reflecting the heat upward – an additional R-15 has be attained with this system

Attic Insulation:

  •  The Department of Energy recommends that homes in our region have attic insulation of  R-30 to R-60.
  • Most homes have only a few inches of insulation or at most an R-19.
  • Our clients have been seeing an energy savings of about 20% on cooling costs by adding insulation to the recommended levels.
  • A home that requires $250 to heat and cool will save about $600 per year, or $6,000 in the first 10 years after installation of attic insulation.
  • Additional benefits, currently Federal Tax Credits of up to $500
  • Get Smart Energy program funds are still available for City ofVenice. You can receive up to 25% of total cost of attic insulation.
  • Re-roofing is the best time to add insulation, we go down into the attic from the top, Mission Impossible style, and can reach every nook and cranny to get the most coverage and the most energy efficiency.

An additional benefit of installing an energy efficient roofing system is that your air conditioning unit will run less and should extend the life of you’re air conditioning unit.

As you can see, there are many advantages to upgrading your roofing system now.  Not only will you be better protecting your home, but you will save money as well.

When selecting a new roof, be sure to look at your roof and your attic as a whole system to maximize your energy and insurance costs savings.

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