Solar System Roof Inspection

Solar System Roof Inspection

We live in the Sunshine State which is ideal for generation of solar energy. More and more Floridians are installing solar power systems to reduce electric costs and reduce impact to the environment by using a renewable energy. However before jumping on the solar bandwagon, you must consider the condition of your roof. So your first step is to get a solar system roof inspection from roofing expert.

What is the condition of your roof?

You must consider the age of your roof and if you are currently seeing issues. You don’t want to install solar panels only to have to dismantle and reinstall the system in a couple years because you need re-roofing. This would result in added time and expense. The best time to re-roof would be prior to the initial solar system installation. Contact us for a roof inspection to see if roof replacement would be prudent now.

How much weight can your roof handle?

Your roof needs to support the weight of the solar panels, mounting hardware and other equipment. If it can’t, you run the risk of a roof collapse. A collapse would very dangerous as it would damage your roof and possibly cause injury. Rain prior to detection and repair would cause interior water damage. In addition, the collapse could cause damage to the solar panel system and pose an electrocution danger. Have an expert determine if additional supports are necessary to prevent future damage, physical injury, and unexpected costs.

Is your roof still under warranty?

If your roof is under warranty, is it voided with the addition of solar panels? Check with your roofer to be sure. You may want to delay solar installation to coincide with the end of your warranty and/or roof replacement.

Where will the water go?

Solar equipment like racking and wire harnesses can prevent water from flowing properly. Water may no longer flow down the roof into your current gutters and drain away from your house. This situation could lead to leaks and other issues. Make sure your solar contractor addresses these issues during installation to prevent issues and additional repair costs.

What about severe weather?

We do live in Florida and are subject to hurricanes and other high wind weather events. There is a potential of damage to the solar panels but it is not limited to the panels. A high wind event could cause movement of the panels damaging the connection to the roof. If where connection seal is damaged, you will have a leak. You should make sure you have a roof inspection done after such an event.

Who is going to inspect your roof?

While many solar contractors may have some experience with roof inspection, they are still solar contractors. Their goal is to install a solar system on your roof. An unscrupulous company could give you false security about your roof condition which could cause issues and added expense down the road. You should get a third party roof inspection by a roofing company, not tied to a solar contractor.

Solar System Roof Inspection

Kirkey Roofing specializes in roof inspections. We actually recommend an annual rooftop and attic inspection regardless of solar installation. We’ll perform a roof inspection and give you a recommendation on whether your roof should be replaced prior to solar system installation. Schedule an appointment for a solar system roof inspection.

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