Spring Checklist – Spotting Problems Early Can Save Money

Spring ChecklistI’ve seen a lot of articles lately about having a spring checklist and getting ready for hurricane season.  Here in the Sarasota, FL area, our needs are a little different from homes in the north, so I’ve taken good tips from several different sources and combined them here.  Not all of them pertain to your roof, but at Kirkey Roofing, we like to help our clients by working closely with other professionals who help our clients keep their homes safe and care free.

  1. Air Conditioner – Clean debris around a/c unit and check the air handler for signs of mold or mildew.  If you see signs of mold, be sure to call a licensed a/c professional right away to prevent the mold from getting into the duct work inside of your home.
  2. Foundation – Check your foundation for cracks.  If you spot cracks, make sure that the ground is sloping away from the foundation to prevent water from getting underneath.  Check for signs of termites.  If you see wings or signs of waste, call a pest control professional promptly.
  3. Roof – Look for damaged or missing shingles or tiles, staining in soffits, staining on the ceilings, leaks in attic, animal damage, damaged flashing, and damaged plumbing stacks or vents.   Call a roofing professional immediately if you see any signs of damage.
  4. Gutters – Make sure gutters are clear of debris and that joints or downspouts are not damaged.  Clean gutters so summer rains do not cause the gutters to overflow and cause damage in your home.
  5. Garage Doors – Check that your garage door safety features are working correctly.  Place a box underneath the door and close it.  If your door crushes the box and does not reverse direction, call a professional for adjustment.  If your garage door does not stay open while in manual mode, call a professional.
  6. Wood Damage– Check docks and exterior wood for rot and damage.   Damaged and rotting wood are not structurally sound and attract termites and other insects.  Call a professional for repair.
  7. Smoke Detectors – Test your smoke detectors and replace the batteries.

If you have other topics you would like discussed such as this spring checklist, please post your comments here or email me directly at psquier@kirkeyroofing.com.   If  I don’t have the answer, I’ll contact a professional in the Sarasota area that can get me the right answer.

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