The New Roof Process: Pre-Start Planning

new roofKirkey Roofing would like to introduce you to our new series on the process of getting your new roof installed. The process of getting a new roof installed can be a stressful experience for homeowners who are unfamiliar with the process. Here at Kirkey, we aim to make roof buying as smooth an experience as possible. Part of that goal is to educate our clients. With this goal in mind, we are launching a new series of articles aimed at walking you through the new roof process from when the agreement is signed to the clean and inspection after your roof is installed.

Pre-Startup of a New Roof Installation

You have contacted your preferred roofing contractor for a new roof. You agreed on a price and a quote, and now it’s time to get started. A roofing specialist will perform a pre-start walk through with you at the agreement signing. This walkthrough is to assure you that you and your roofing specialist are in accord about your roofing needs. Once everything is checked and confirmed you would proceed with the agreement signing. Make sure to check to make sure that the listed details are to your liking. Talk to your roofing specialist if there is anything you do not understand or that concerns you within the agreement. After the signing, you will work with your roofing specialist to set an installation date. The installation timing will vary depending on your preference and the availability of staff.

The Permitting Process

The permitting process of a new roof will vary depending on your locale and the type of roofing being installed. Your roofing contractor should be taking care of this part of the process for you. It bears mentioning because if you are ever told to pull your own permits, beware! Uninsured or unlicensed contractors may be seeking to avoid potential legal issues by having you pull your own permits. Permitting should be a smooth process on your end as the client. You do want to make sure you are notified of any permits pulled as part of the paperwork for your new roof. Insurance companies often ask for this proof as part of the insuring process.

Have more questions on the pre-start planning stage of a new roof? Kirkey Roofing has over 69 years of experience and provides free no-obligation estimates. Call us at (941) 499-8387 or send us a quick message here.


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