The Roofing Process

Getting a new roof is a long process, below we clearly break it down so our clients can better understand the whole roofing process:

Phase 1
Pre-Start Planning

  1.  Pre-Startup walk through with our Roofing Specialist at agreement signing
  2. Schedule of Start Date
  3. Apply for all permits required by County
  4. Record Notice of Commencement

Phase 2
Site Preparation & Protection

  1. Arrival to Job-Site
  2. Prep House – Cover Driveway, Protect windows, garage doors, and air conditioning units from falling debris
  3. Cover pool to protect from dirt, dust and debris
  4. Protect Landscapin

Phase 3
Roof Removal, Repair, Energy/Structural Upgrades

  1. Remove all old roofing materials
  2. Remove and replace any and all rotted roof sheathing and fascia board
  3. Inspect or upgrade Hurricane straps for certification for homeowner’s insurance discounts. (optional per agreement)
  4. Installation of attic insulation to current Florida Building Codes, energy savings, tax credits, and utility rebates are available (optional per agreement)
  5. Re-nail Roof Deck for additional homeowner’s insurance discounts.

Phase 4
Roof Installation

  1. Install roof underlayment for waterproofing (emergency visqueen always on site for sudden rain). Depending on the underlayment installed, additional insurance discounts available
  2. Install proprietary Kirkey Counter Flashing on walls (patent pending)
  3. Required county inspections
  4. Install roof covering (tile, shingle, flat, slate)
  5. Daily clean up of Job-site, including removing debris, sweeping, magnet for stray nails

Phase 5
Final Clean Up and Inspection

  1. Clean and re-nail loose gutters
  2. Final Quality inspection & walk through with homeowner

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