Tile Roof Repair or Replacement

Tile Roof RepairTile roof repair or replacement that is the question. Unless you are a roofing contractor with years under your belt, for the typical homeowner repairing or replacing a tile roof is sometimes an ambiguous decision. Tile is known for its hardy nature; individual tiles can be replaced or repaired depending on their condition. But when is it too late to apply band-aid fixes, and finally, time to replace the entire tile roof altogether? In today’s deep dive on tile roof repair or replacement, we will explore the signs that point to a repair compared to the signs pointing towards a full replacement. We, at Kirkey Roofing, hope to equip you with the knowledge you need to make the right informed decision for your home.

Tile Roof Repair Conditions

Tile roofs are primarily known for their resilience, but they are not indestructible. Over time the weather and elements may cause chips and breaks among the individual tiles that make up your roof. It’s important not to judge the severity of roof damage by the lack of leaking. Internal, unseen leaks can cause just as much damage as visible leaks. Additionally, your roof functions as a single unit; seemingly isolated weaknesses can still lead to the overall degradation of your roof. Cosmetic damage or small leaks on your tile roof are a sign that you need to call your roofing contractor for a consultation. These conditions indicate a tile roof that needs a little tender loving care. A professional here is vital to ensure your cosmetic damage does not lead to a bludgeoning tile roof repair bill.

Tile Roof Replacement Conditions

Let’s explore some signs where a full tile roof replacement is recommended. Please keep in mind that these are guidelines. Your roof’s condition can best be ascertained by a professional roofer, such as Kirkey Roofing. However, there are some signs your tile roof will give you to let you know that a replacement is in order. A sagging roof is a clear sign that the integrity of your roof is compromised. Call your local roofing company for immediate assistance. Widespread leaks that follow one another after repairs may also indicate a deeper persistent problem with the entire roof. Often, but not always, these issues often arise with tile roofs past their rated lifespan.

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