Venice Shingle Roof Repair

Shingle Roof Repair

Venice just had a reminder that hurricane season is still upon us. Two more disturbances have a chance to develop even though hurricane season ending in two days. So it’s more important than ever to make sure your roof is in tip-top shape.  A faulty roof can mean a destroyed home. During a hurricane is not exactly the time to start worrying about shingle roof repair.

Shingles are the raincoat and boots on your home’s roof. They create a barrier between the wood roof itself and the rain that could invade your home. Not to mention keeping out other invaders like mold, bugs, and small animals. Keeping your shingles in good shape in of utmost importance in maintaining this defense system.

Kirkey Roofing offers their shingle roof repair services to their customers to protect their home year round. They have a full line of shingles from the top manufacturers with colors and styles of shingles to suit every preference and unique home. If it’s just a section of shingle repair you need, matching up the style shouldn’t be a problem for them. They also carry newer energy efficient shingles designed to keep your Florida home cooler, saving you more than just the headache of a wet home. It also reduces the amount of money you spend on cooling your home during the hot Florida summer months. These lightweight, durable, fire resistant asphalt shingles are designed to score you some return on investment and ease of mind while maintaining your roof’s defense system. They also meet Energy Star levels rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council. Talk about credentials!

Shingle repair might sound like a boring topic, but it’s an important thing to keep your eye on as a homeowner. A little focus now can save you time, money, and frustration in the future. Maintain your home’s line of defense and call Kirkey Roofing for all your shingle repair needs.

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