When Should a Professional Roofer Inspect Your Roof?

A professional roofer should inspect your roof to be sure that your roof is in tip top shape. The roof on top of your house is one of the most important and expensive parts of your home. It’s important that it is inspected at least once or perhaps (in Florida) even twice per year.

Why should a professional roofer inspect your roof in Florida twice per year? Here we have significant weather instances, whether it’s extremely hot days, extreme rain, or even hurricanes or tornadoes. So the two times per year when our roofs should be inspected are after the hottest and coolest times of the year. Or after a significant weather event, but that goes without saying.

Should we experience a significant weather event, it’s important to have a professional roof inspection because there could be underlying damage you aren’t even aware of. If you wait too long after, and wait until you notice a leak, it could be too long for an insurance claim or for any warranty to be effective.

Warranties are another reason to be sure the roof is inspected on a regular basis. It’s important to stay on top of any potential problems before they arise and the warranty expires. There could be problems with the installation of the roof, which could cause problems with the performance. When the roof is inspected, the roofing contractor will be able to fix the issues before there are any problems.

Inspect Your Roof

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